Web Series

Pot Luck

Season one: 6  x 8-11 min episodes, Season two: 6 x 13-17min episodes. Robin Murphy Productions and Fired Up Productions.

Writer/Director: Ness Simons


Pot Luck serves up contemporary lesbian life in three great flavours - Mel, Beth and Debs, as they negotiate friendship, family, and finding love at their weekly Pot Luck dinners. Fun, sexy, and occasionally ridiculous... look out world, New Zealand's first lesbian web series is here!

In its first year on line, Pot Luck garnered over two million views across all its episodes and it's multiple online platforms. In December 2016 NZ On Air approved funding for Pot Luck season two, which was released on line on the 10th December 2017. 


Season One Official selection: Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2016, LA Out Webfest 2016, UK Webfest 2016, Dub Webfest 2016, NZ Webfest 2016, Rome Web Awards 2017 [10 Merit Awards LGBT & Finalist in 9 categories for Excellence], Rio Webfest 2017 - Finalist in 5 categories, Vancouver web fest - finalist for best dramedy.

Season Two Official Selection: Out Web Fest 2018, Rome Web Awards 2018 [Best LGBT actor, Best LGBT Editor].

Season One and Two are available at it's dedicated website, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook


Creator/Director: Ness Simons

Commissioned by Hell Pizza


The web series follows the stories of three young people who are being assisted by Project Active, an organisation that helps intellectually disabled people in the 18-25 age range find their way into the work force. Project Active joined forces with Hell Pizza to run an eight week training program specially designed for their needs. The series chronicles their highs and lows as the kids come to grips with the challenges and rewards of the training program.

Watch the whole series on YouTube

Short Films


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Writer/Director/Designer Welby Ings


Sparrow is the beautiful story of a small boy who is teased because he thinks he can fly. When a family myth about his war veteran grandfather is exploded, he discovers the strength to stand up to the school bullies in a very unusual way.

Cast: Merrick Rillstone, Matthew Arbuckle, Paul Glover, Tama Jarman.


Reeling: Chicago International LGBTQ Film Festival 2017, Atlanta's Out on film - Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2017, Cherie Cheris Festival Paris 2017, Interfilm Berlin short film festival 2017, Image+Nation Queer Festival 2017,qFlix Philadelphia 2018, Out Shine Miami 2018 [Awarded: Honorable Mention Best Short film], Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes Showcase [Awarded: Director's Choice, Best Cinematography, Best Actor Merrick Rillstone], Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival 2018 [Awarded Jury prize for Best Short Film], DC Shorts 2018, Zebra Poetry Festival 2018, Outshine Fort Lauderdale 2018, Durham Region International Film festival 2018, Kerry Film Festival 2018, San Francisco LGBTQ - Coming Of Age Film Festival 2018. And many more - over 50 Film Festivals as @ March 2019.

Sparrow Website

Sparrow Facebook Page

Food for Thought

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Writer/director Pat Robins, based on a short story The Assassin Bug, by Sue McCauley.

Black Comedy

Merran’s elderly father Angus has died suddenly and as she helps prepare for the funeral the contents of her mother’s freezer raise some questions about the cause of Angus’s death. 

Cast: Nathalie Boltt, Helen Moulder, Luanne Gordon, Paul Yates and Jonathan Brugh.


New Zealand International Film Festival 2015, World of Film International Festival -  Glasgow 2015, Los Angeles International Women's Festival 2016, WIFTI (Women in Film and Television International) Showcase 2016, Finalist - Best Self Funded Short Film - Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards 2017

Watch whole film here: Food For Thought website

Food For Thought Facebook page

Maul ex avid lg 1 - crop.jpg


Short film written by Wendell Cook, Paul Babbage and Colin Hodson, directed by Colin Hodson, co produced by Wendell Cooke and Kim Baker. Ocular Treats Limited.

Sci Fi thriller

A keen young rugby player learns he must sacrifice all, for the good of the team

Running time: 10 minutes

Cast: Ian Lesa, Dallas Seymour, John McInnes

(Melbourne International Film Festival 2013, New Zealand International Film Festival 2013)

Roof Rattling

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Short film written and directed by James Blick


James and his friends break into an eccentric old man’s house, but once inside, things don’t go according to plan and James gets trapped in the house when he realises the old man is home.

Running time: 15 minutes

Cast: Grant Tilly, Ted Holmstead

(Aspen Film Festival 2010, Asia Shortshorts Festival 2010, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2010)

Watch whole film HERE



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Short film written by Louis Sutherland and directed by Mark Albiston. Fast Feet Productions.


A brother and sister at odds, learn that the only way they can stand up to their father is by standing together.

Running time: 15 minutes

Cast: Tyrell Samia, Helayna Seiuli, Louis Sutherland

(Honourable Mention – Official Competition Festival de Cannes 2007, Melbourne International Film Festival 2007, 49th International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao 2007, 17th Flickerfest Short Film Festival, Australia 2008, 58th Berlin International Film Festival, Germany – Generation Kplus 2008)


Our Secret - crop.jpg

Our Secret

Short film written and directed by Nicholas Riini co produced by Nicholas Riini, in association with O Te Rangi films.


Sarah has a secret and no one to share it with. When she meets a new friend she has to face her fears and try to understand the past.

Running time: 10 minutes

Cast: Sara Wiseman, Judy Rankin, Maisie Lewis


(Washougal International Film festival 2008, Allshorts Film Festival 2009, Magma Film Festival 2009)

Te Ao Kapurangi

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Short film written and directed by Tama Poata. Te Hoikioi Films.


Firearms are no match for the intelligence and courage of Te Ao Kapurangi.

Language: Maori (with English subtitles) 

Running time:  8 minutes

Cast: Stephanie Grace, Lawrence Wharerau

(Clermont Ferrand Film festival 2001, Drifting Clouds Film Festival 2002) 

Dying Light

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Short film written and directed by Patricia Robins, based on the short story by Daphne de Jong.


Dying Light is the story of Eva, an elderly woman who is struggling to look after herself or make sense of her life as dementia takes over. 

Running time: 18 minutes

Cast: Pauline D'Emden, Sarah McLeod, Brian Sargent

(Palm Springs International Film Festival 2000, Winfemme 2000, Goteberg Festival 2000, World Cinema Showcase (NZ) 2000)