Feature Films


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Writer/director – Welby Ings

Seventeen-year old Jim is a small-town boxing hero who carries the hopes and dreams of his father Stan on his shoulders. His growing relationship with local boy, Simon, forces him to confront the truth about his sexuality, and choose his own future.









Writer Barbara Burke

Orla has moved back to her native Dublin, after 10 years in Australia and a messy break up. Looking for a place to live she moves into a small flat on the city fringe. Her formidable landlady, Agnes, doesn’t appreciate Orla’s bohemian lifestyle, but nonetheless they soon find some common ground and an unlikely friendship begins to blossom.

When Orla discovers she’s pregnant after a one night stand, she has to make some tough choices. Her decision to go to London for an abortion threatens to derail her new found equilibrium and destroy her friendship with Agnes.

Set in Dublin and London, Orla is a tragic, heartwarming, and ultimately uplifting story of a young woman going through hard times. Orla explores themes of addiction and the choices we make in life. Taking no prisoners, this gritty tale takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride and rewards them with an authentic, bittersweet ending. 

Finding Tom Connor

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Romantic Comedy 

Writer Sarah Nathan. Based on the book of the same name by best-selling NZ author, Sarah-Kate Lynch

Kiwi girl Molly’s perfect life with perfect fiancé Jonathan is thrown into perfect chaos when she catches him cheating a week before their wedding.  She escapes the fallout by following her mother Bobs from New Zealand to a small village in Ireland, on a quest to find a long lost relative.  There, she meets charmingly chaotic Irish man Padraic, who has a few secrets of his own.





Don’t Fence Me In


Romantic comedy 

Writer/director Miles Murphy, writer Brian Challis, inspired by the book `The Big Huey’ by Greg Newbold

When Pete, a young burglar, meets Wendy, a rich bored schoolgirl, they fall in love while committing a series of robberies that culminates in their arrest. When Wendy breaks into the prison to be with Pete, the path of true love is anything but smooth!

Short Films

A Walk in the Park


Writer/Director: Miles Murphy, based on the radio play "Attitude" by Stuart Hoar.

James and Laura are trying to get to the park, and they’re both stuck. Their meeting at a pedestrian crossing helps them find their way, in more ways than one.