Robin Murphy Productions is an independent production company, dedicated to developing and producing quality short films, feature films and webseries.



Short film written and directed by Welby Ings

Sparrow tells the kind of story that is normally hidden from New Zealand’s grand narratives of war … stories of ordinary men whose experiences and reactions didn’t fit the sanctioned picture of heroic sacrifice. 


Pot Luck

Webseries written and directed by Ness Simons

Robin Murphy Productions & Fired Up Productions

Three friends make a pact which turns their weekly pot luck dinners into a search for love. Or not.

Watch Episode 1 above, and full seasons 1 & 2 HERE

Food For Thought

Short film written and directed by Pat Robins

Merran’s elderly father Angus has died suddenly and as she helps prepare for the funeral the contents of her mother’s freezer raise some questions about the cause of Angus’s death. 



Short film written by Louis Sutherland and directed by Mark Albiston. Fast Feet Productions.

A brother and sister at odds, learn that the only way they can stand up to their father is by standing together.

Roof Rattling

Short film written and directed by James Blick

James and his friends break into an eccentric old man’s house, but once inside, things don’t go according to plan and James gets trapped in the house when he realises the old man is home.

Dying Light

Short film written and directed by Patricia Robins, based on the short story by Daphne de Jong.

Dying Light is the story of Eva, an elderly woman who is struggling to look after herself or make sense of her life as dementia takes over. 

Active In Hell

Webseries - creator/director Ness Simons

One of the biggest challenges those with an intellectual disability face is other people's perception of what they can and can't do. Hell is challenging these perceptions with the introduction of an eight-week training and graduation programme that will see a group of Project Active youth learn and master the key skills required in a busy pizza store.